SridharHead - Finance


    Head – Finance

    • 2001 – 2013

      Accounts Officer

      M/S Hardy Exploration & Production (India) Inc.

    • 2015 – Present

      Head – Finance


    All employees are dedicated to playing their role in ensuring that the company continues to scale new heights

    Sridhar heads the Finance Department and has significant exposure to the Oil & Gas industry. His approachability, patience and financial soundness make him a valuable asset to this organisation.

    We caught up with Mr. Sridhar for a chat. Below, is the excerpt of the interview with him.

    How long have you been with HOEC?

    I joined the company 3 years ago.

    What makes HOEC a special place to work for you?

    HOEC’s management has a very clear vision and mission. All employees are dedicated to playing their role in ensuring that the company continues to scale new heights. People are extremely warm and welcoming, and always willing to lend a helping hand. All of this enhances the work environment, and makes HOEC a fantastic place to work at.

    Which projects have been the most meaningful to you? Why?

    Considering that I am involved in all of the company’s projects in some capacity, it is difficult for me to pick specific ones. However, if I had to pick one, I would say B-80 is an important project at the moment. I say this because we have successfully completed an onshore project in Assam, and now we need to replicate our success offshore.

    If you weren’t in this profession what would you be?

    If I weren’t in the Oil and Gas industry, I would probably be running a business of my own.

    Since you began your career, what’s changed the most about the Oil & Gas industry? Similarly, what has changed the least?

    Changes in the revenue sharing policy, and the construction of onshore modular type plants, are the ones that immediately come to mind. There has however, been no change in the tax mechanism.

    What is the best advice you have ever received?

    Good communication will serve a relationship. Improper communication will sever the relationship. Relate from the heart and decide from the head.

    Educational Qualification

    B. Com – Madras University

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