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Hindage Oilfield Services Limited

Hindage, a public unlisted company registered in India, is a wholly owned subsidiary of HOEC. Incorporated on November 24, 1988, this company plans to operate in the Oil Field Equipment and Services sector. Hindage will focus on providing services related to the exploration of crude oil and natural gas, and allied products, both onshore and offshore in India and elsewhere.

Geopetrol International Inc.

Geopetrol International Inc. is another wholly owned subsidiary of HOEC, which was acquired in April 2018. The company engages in the exploration and development of various Oil and Gas Blocks. In India, this company is a party to the Production Sharing Contract of the currently producing Kharsang Oilfield in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, with 25% direct participating interest in the Block.

Geopetrol Mauritius Limited

Geopetrol Mauritius Limited, a company incorporated in Mauritius, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geopetrol International Inc. This company too, is into exploration and development of Oil and Gas Blocks, and has 50% shareholding in GeoEnpro Petroleum Limited, which is the operator of the Kharsang Oilfield.

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