Our Strategy

HOEC is uniquely placed with a strong organization and a quality asset portfolio. Through a 5-pronged strategy as listed below, HOEC will take advantage of its position to deliver superior returns and value to all stakeholders

iconFocus on Discovered Resources

As a core upstream oil & Gas operator, HOEC reduces the risk involved in extracting oil and gas by focusing on discovered oil and gas resources. This enables HOEC to fast track its projects and monetize resources at a much faster pace

iconLight-Asset Model

HOEC aspires to develop its resources on a light-asset model in an otherwise capital-intensive industry. This enables us to focus on our core operations (Drilling for Oil/Gas) and outsource other associated tasks to expert partners with global expertise

iconDebt-Free and Low-Cost Operating Model

HOEC aspires to remain debt-free and follow its low-cost operating model, as it has already demonstrated in its operating fields. It has emerged as a self-funding company with sustainable cash flows from its key producing assets

iconGrowing Responsibly

HOEC intends to create long-term stakeholder value while ensuring that we ‘Grow Responsibly’. As a fast growing player in the Indian Oil & Gas sector, HOEC will continue to build its portfolio with a focus on respect and care for individuals, the community and the environment. Our purpose is to add value and make a positive impact on all stakeholders

iconGrowth Strategy

Geographically, HOEC will focus on the North-East while also focusing on its offshore resource base. The company plans to take advantage of existing infrastructure while growing its operations organically or inorganically, and strives to add attractive assets with synergies to its current asset portfolio

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