There are 3 marginal fields at Cambay namely – Asjol, North Balol and CB-ON-7, which together currently produce around 150 boepd. These fields access reservoirs namely – Balol, Babaguru, Kand, Upper Suraj Pay Sandstone and Hazad sands of Ankleshwar.

To effectively use the existing infrastructure and to access the potential from these reservoirs, further studies are underway to establish the techno-commercial feasibility. Once established, future campaigns will be planned at an opportune time.


An additional 97.15 sq. km of R2 area has been granted to the JV in CB-ON-7. The PSC for the same is expected to be executed at the earliest. This would involve a commitment of 3D seismic and drilling of 2 wells. Redevelopment of our onshore assets involving drilling of new wells in Cambay to improve recovery and increase production, will be one of our focus areas in the coming months.

167 boepd
FY18-19 Production

Reserves 2P

0.6 mmbbls
6.79 bcf
North Balol
0.359 mmbbls

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