Community Engagement In The North-East

HOEC along with its JV partners (Oil India & Indian Oil) aim for safe, sustainable operations, which bring in meaningful and positive contributions to the local community. As part of its operations, the Dirok JV capitalized on the well-developed allied industries to Oil & Gas in nearby areas by adopting a local content policy in its project delivery.

The Dirok JV is invested in the well being of the community where it operates, and has adopted a multi-faceted approach in contributing to the local community. A focus on education, infrastructure development and women empowerment forms the multi-pronged community development strategy of the Dirok JV. During the course of its operations, the Dirok JV intends to deliver real benefits where it operates, and strives to create vibrant and empowered communities.

Forging A Better Future

All those involved in the Dirok JV recognize that a safe, structured and well-maintained environment is essential for the wholistic development of children. A definitive way to achieve this is to enable younger generations to obtain quality education. To help drive this initiative forward, the Dirok JV has constructed new classrooms for the local Government school in Margherita.

However, our efforts with regards to education do not stop with providing the necessary infrastructure. The Dirok JV along with its partners at English Language Foundation, have taken the foundation’s well-tested course in English language skills to the classrooms of the local Government school in Margherita. Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow, and we are committed to doing all that we can to ensure a brighter future for the young children of Margherita.

Road To A Better Tomorrow

The Dirok JV has a grand vision for the small stretch of land that connects its Modular Processing Plant to the main highway. A plan is in place to develop various amenities on this land for the benefit of the community. To initiate the process, a 2.5 km long, leveled and paved road has already been laid, and solar lamps have been installed. The installation of solar lamps has helped the communities in the area that lack access to the electricity grid.

Empowering The Women Of The North-East

The women of the north-east are well-known for their talent and industriousness. In order to provide more opportunities and encourage women, the Dirok JV organized a 90-day tailoring workshop inside its office premises for the women of Margherita. Providing women with a safe environment and the right tools for their empowerment, would be a priority in the Dirok JV’s community development efforts going forward.

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