Business Responsibility and Sustainability


HOEC is committed to treading on its path of steady and consistent growth, but while exercising a strategy that allows it to do so responsibly. The company holds itself accountable to adhering to the highest health, safety and environmental standards, and strives to create positive impact, both from an environmental and societal standpoint. The company will continue working to ensure that its progress transcends the communities where it operates, as well as do everything in its power to realize the paramount need for its operations to be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy 12-12-2023
Business Responsibility and Sustainability 28-02-2023
Cyber Security and Data Protection Policy 12-12-2023
Equal Opportunities Policy 12-12-2023
Human Rights Policy 12-12-2023

HOEC aims to execute its sustainability strategy through:

Adherence to Equipment Standards

Ensuring that all procured machinery meets desired environmental standards

Effective Risk Management

Conducting risk assessment studies for critical activities and developing safe operating procedures to control identified hazards

Emphasis on Emission Control

Monitoring emissions at site level periodically via NABL accredited laboratories

Comprehensive Emergency Response Planning

Maintaining a robust Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for production operations, drilling campaigns and project execution activities to respond swiftly during any emergency

Efficient Land Management

Utilizing degraded or low-value land to the best of its ability for the execution of projects

Strict Environmental Compliance

Incorporating and addressing all Health, Safety, Environment and related issues during hook-up & commissioning of new installations, routine productions and regular logistical facilities for onshore and offshore

Adoption of Sustainable Planning Practices

Carrying out designing and project planning in a way to minimize environmental damage during project execution and life cycle

Quantitative and Qualitative Impact Assessment

Tasking government recognized third-party organizations with carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies on its behalf to analyze the environmental and social implications on the surrounding areas as a result of its projects

Sustainability highlights

Happy Elephants

Protecting An Elephant Corridor In Assam

The Gas Gathering Station (GGS) and Modular Gas Processing Plant (MGPP) at HOEC’s Dirok Gas Field are a testament to the company’s endeavour to work in harmony with the surrounding environment. The initially proposed pipeline from GGS to MGPP was passing through the Golai-Powai Elephant Corridor near Golai village, and the corridor was also located in proximity to the proposed MGPP locations.

HOEC identified alternatives to the MGPP’s location as part of its commitment to protect the elephant corridor, and laid the 21 km long pipeline, 1.5 metres below the ground to minimize footprint in the eco sensitive zone. The different modules of the MGPP were fabricated and tested elsewhere, and transported to the site. They were assembled at site within 3 months for production. Adopting the modular approach for the MGPP:

  • Reduced construction time from 24 months to 12 months, thereby reducing noise pollution
  • Reduced land utilization drastically, especially for the plant area
  • Enabled swift site restoration where required

Due to a copious amount of annual rainfall, forest types occurring in this region are primarily Tropical Evergreen Forest and Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forest. Bearing this in mind, the company has made a conscious effort to ensure that none of the wells, as well as the GGS is in an area that would cause disturbance to the surrounding tea garden, forestland or wildlife.

Managing Our Impact

Minimizing The Use Of Diesel Generators In Site Operations

All of HOEC’s operating Blocks use natural gas generators for their in-house power requirements, and utilize their diesel generators only in emergency situations. All generators are placed within acoustic enclosures, and are regularly maintained and attended to at the first sign of wear and tear. This is done to reduce noise levels at site, and to restrict the amount of harmful air emissions released into the surrounding environment.

HOEC aims to eventually phase out diesel generators, and constantly evaluates clean alternatives to its existing processes. The company is exploring options like biogas and solar energy, and is assessing their viability in meeting operational requirements. This goes hand in hand with HOEC’s long-term vision of becoming an emission-free organization.

We Say NO To Single Use Plastics

At HOEC, we endeavour to make all our operating sites and offices plastic free zones. As a first step, single use plastics will be completely banned on all our premises. Installation Managers at operating sites, and Administration Managers at offices will be held accountable to ensure that the ban is strictly enforced. The campaign will also be supported and monitored by the company’s HSE Teams and Committees.

As a company, HOEC is committed to growing responsibly. We will continuously work to find innovative ways to replace all kinds of plastic in the long run. Furthermore, we will actively advocate for the use of bamboo, especially bamboo from Assam. We have designed a logo for our campaign, and will launch a series of initiatives to beat plastic pollution and promote the use of bamboo.

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