Krishnan RaghavanChief technical officer Exploration & Production

    Krishnan Raghavan

    Chief technical officer Exploration & production

    • 1988 – 2005

      Wellsite Operations Geology

      Indonesia, Thailand, India

    • 1997 – 2005

      Geoscience Operations & Petrophysics

      Hardy Exploration & Production (India) Inc.

    • 2005 – 2009

      HPHT Exploration, Subsurface Development and
      Reservoir Management

      Shell Brunei

    • 2009 – 2010

      Exploration & Subsurface Management

      Independent Consultant (India, Nigeria, Iran)

    • 2011 – 2019

      Manager – Geoscience & Petrophysics Operations
      (Europe, Africa & New Ventures)

      Nexen Petroleum UK & CNOOC International UK

    • Mar 2020 – Present

      Chief technical officer Exploration & production


    Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. With AI and Big Data Analytics, the Oil and Gas industry will flourish

    Krishnan is a hardcore professional having several years of experience in successful exploration & development projects for renowned international operating companies like Shell and Nexen (CNOOC International). He also has a background in technical geoscience spanning exploration, development & production projects with many years of experience working in several geographical locations. An excellent communicator, he is comfortable with presenting to both, internal directors and external stakeholders alike. His vast experience is testimony to his track record as an accomplished and proven professional with major achievements in discovery of oil and gas, enhancing reserves through studies, detecting missed and bypassed pays, and reservoir management. Capable of promoting teamwork and partnering effectively with all departments, he is sure to be a catalytic driving force for HOEC. His ability to make realistic exploration interpretations and decisions, and create workable solutions for difficulties, obstacles and issues arising within areas of responsibility will be integral in the Company’s efforts to scale new heights. Furthermore, his great cultural sensitivity to deal appropriately with employees within and outside the company, as well as with external entities and project communities make him the ideal team man for this exciting phase in HOEC’s growth.

    We caught up with Mr. Krishnan Raghavan for a chat. Below, is the excerpt of the interview with him.

    How long have you been with HOEC?

    I joined HOEC in Dec 2019, and have already started enjoying the professional spirit of the Company.

    What makes HOEC a special place to work for you?

    Being a small to mid-sized Operator, HOEC provides for all the challenges and aspirations of experienced professionals like myself. A typical place for one to grow with the Company.

    Which projects have been the most meaningful to you? Why?

    All the projects have got their own challenges and needs for attention. I would think that the Blocks B-80 and PY-1 will kindle my technical skills to the maximum possible extent.

    If you weren’t in this profession what would you be?

    A tough question to answer. But, right from my days at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, I had decided that I would be an oil and gas finder.

    Since you began your career, what’s changed the most about the Oil & Gas industry?

    Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. With AI and Big Data Analytics, the Oil and Gas industry will flourish. In terms of the least change, I would think that the fundamental principle for any individual, operator or service provider to grow in this industry remains “survival of the fittest”.

    What is the best advice you have ever received?

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Educational Qualification

    M. Sc. Tech – Applied Geology

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